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Health Coaching Supervision

Sheffield based Peak Health Coaching can help with Health coaching supervision, offering online courses which can be accessed anywhere across the UK.

Why Coaching Supervision?

According to NHSE's Workforce development Framework for Health and Wellbeing Coaches, a 'lack of adequate supervision' was one of the main reasons coaches gave for leaving their roles. Good quality supervision provides a safe space for practitioners to think brilliantly for themselves about their coaching practice. Coaching Supervision focuses on normative, formative and restorative elements so that participants are practising safely, within their developing capabilities and competencies and feel supported in their role.

What is Coaching Supervision and how is it different from other supervision?

The Framework document (above) describes three different types of supervision that should be in place for Health Coaches:

1. Line management Supervision

Focuses on day to day and operational issues - often the first port of call for coaches

2. Clinical Supervision

Focuses on the clinical aspects and questions arising from coaching - normally facilitated by a GP/clinician

3. Coaching Supervision

Focuses on the formative (developmental), Normative (standards) and Restorative (well-being) of health coaches and is specifically related to their coaching work.


How often should I be getting coaching supervision?

Regular coaching supervision, from a suitably qualified health coaching supervisor (Tier 3 or above) is recommended for all Health and Wellbeing Coaches working in the NHS. This can be a combination of 1:1 and group sessions and maybe every 4-6 weeks, depending on need and caseload.

How can I access coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision is normally provided via your employing organisation. We recognise that, due to this being a relatively new role, there are not many suitably experienced and qualified Health Coach Supervisors. However, many of the coaches we have trained, are rapidly accumulating the logged coaching hours (500) and demonstrating competencies to Tier 3 that would put them in a position to be supervisors, once suitably trained. We have therefore produced a training programme that, we believe, sets up suitably experienced colleagues, to start to provide supervision for their coaching peers (see below).

Can Peak Health Coaching offer Coach Supervision?

In the interim, and with our experience of already providing supervision via the PCI, Peak Health Coaching can offer Coaching supervision to colleagues. We hope that this will be a supportive and helpful offer for colleagues and the wider system, whilst others get trained to take it on.


If you and/or colleagues would value Health Coaching Supervision, either 1:1, as a group, or a combination, please contact us for a quote.

Health Coaching Supervisor Training


In addition to our decades of clinical experience in the NHS, we have provided training in Person-Centred Care and Health coaching since 2017 and PCI-accredited training since 2021. We have developed a strong track record and reputation for quality.  We have brought this experience and the same educational rigour to our Health Coach Supervisor Training Programme.   This programme ensures that health coaches and others in personalised care roles, feel supported, can develop their skills and feel confident to make their unique contribution.


Who can train as a Health Coach Supervisor?

We believe that suitable candidates at Tier 2 (at least 200 hours of logged coaching experience in a suitable NHS and/or community setting), can start the supervisor training process. With our training and support, we anticipate participants reaching Tier 3 (at least 500 hours of logged coaching experience in a suitable NHS and/or community setting), by the end of the programme.  Supervisors are expected to be at least Tier 3 to supervise their colleagues in the NHS.


How is the training structured?

Supervisor training is delivered in three modules over a total of 6 training days.  The format of each module varies from full-day and shorter 2-hour and 3-hour trainer-led elements, alongside independent learner-led elements.  This course can be offered as online only or hybrid, with a combination of in-person and online components.


Participants will learn and develop:

  • Formative, restorative and normative aspects of the supervision process.

  • Reflective practice, drawing on models of reflection (e.g. Kolb's and Gibbs' cycles)

  • Their own and supervisee's coaching competencies in line with the HWBC framework.

Supervision Training

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Supervisor Training programme participants will have:


  • The knowledge and skills to establish and facilitate both 1:1 and group supervision sessions.

  • Access to expert tutor support and comprehensive resources to enable you to achieve the equivalent of Tier 3 health coach status or above.

  • Be able to supervise HWBCs and other ARRS roles and assess the competence of  your HWBC supervisees up to Tier 2, in-line with NHSE's workforce development framework for HWBCs.


Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and confidence in relation to the competencies in the four core areas described in the NHS Workforce Development Framework for HWBC including:


  • Professional Competencies for HWBCs.

  • Skills for Communication and Enabling in a Health Coaching Model.

  • Skills around Models and Frameworks.

  • Group Work Skills to Support Self-Management and Group Approaches.

Ongoing Support (CPD) and Assessment

How will I be assessed as a supervisor?

As you might expect, we don't want to just teach supervision skills; we want to ensure that you start your journey as a supervisor, being comfortable and confident in the role.  We have therefore developed a robust assessment process and we will be alongside you every step of the way!  You will have access to up to 12-months of CPD support following your initial supervisor training.


Once you have actively participated in all of the taught elements of the programme,  you will be invited to submit a portfolio on-line, to include evidence of your competencies and practices.


You will be offered 1:1 supervision-style oral assessment to support your current and future development and evolution as a supervisor.


Senior Supervisor Training

Once you have successfully completed you Supervisor Training Programme and assessment,  you will be eligible to progress to Senior Supervisor Training.  This advanced level programme will enable you to develop the required skills and practice to supervise and assess coaches to Tier 4. (Further details available on request).

Application Process

Please get in touch with us at if you wish to apply for supervisor training and one our directors will contact you directly.

Support Group

To find out more about our health coaching supervision contact the team at Peak Health Coaching Ltd in Sheffield, or simply book on our course online.

0114 291 9137

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