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Personalised Care Conference 2023

Peak Health Coaching took part in the National Conference in Personalised Care which took place in Sheffield in May 2023.

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Personalised Care Conference report 2023

Over 120 of us gathered in sunny Sheffield for an energising event of learning and sharing our experiences of health coaching and personalised care approaches.  The audience was mostly made up of Health Coaches, on this occasion and also included GPs, Care Co-ordinators, Physios, Link Workers, project and service managers.

The conference included plenary sessions from National Leaders and trailblazers, who spoke passionately about the importance of a coaching approach in health and the valuable contribution it was already making.  We also had a number of parallel sessions to choose from including Metabolic Health, Supervision, Reflexive Practice and Pain Management.


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What you told us about the event overall...

"It is really important to be able to have opportunities to meet with fellow coaches and to broaden our horizons.  In a developing field within the NHS it can often feel like our profession is adrift.  Opportunities like this help to anchor us to the common aim of providing personalised and empowering support to our clients, to enable change."

What was good about the parallel sessions...

Making the Most of Supervision

"This was fascinating, particularly hearing the lived experience. I definitely would like more training in this area as most people I coach who have chronic pain feel stuck and helpless."

What was good about the plenary sessions...

Plenary Session I:  "The Landscape of Coaching"

"Great to hear that what we are doing is valuable and can make a difference."

Plenary Session II:  "Health Coaching and Community Development"

"Again inspiring - the session did create ""the gap"" between where I want to be (and what I want to be doing/adding) I take this as a positive and will use the fire!"

Anything else...?

Peak conference 2023

Peak Health Coaching loved taking part in the Personalised Care conference. If you’d like to find out more about this and the date of the next one, just get in touch with Peak Health Coaching.

0114 291 9137

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