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Book a 4-day
PCI-Accredited Tailored Health Coaching course

You can book a 4-day PCI training course with Peak Health Coaching. Our team is based in Sheffield and providing this course online for candidates across the UK.

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4-Day Tailored Health Coaching Development Programme (Modules 1 and 2)

Standard 4-day Programme

This course is fully accredited by the NHS Personalised Care Institute (PCI) and participants can be confident they will be trained to the highest standards by experienced health coaching professionals with a strong track record in health coaching training nationwide. By the end of the 4-day course you will have been trained to Level 3 in Health and Well-being Coaching, the highest level of the NHS Personalised Care Institute (PCI) Curriculum. You will receive Level 1 accreditation and certification of the PCI Curriculum on completion of the 4-day programme and this is included in the price. Price per person £1100.00 plus VAT.

4-day Programme Plus

If you have enrolled for Level 2/3 accreditation, in addition to the 4-day programme (above),  you will receive a further 12-months of ongoing support to enable you to complete your practice requirements for summative assessment and certification. This will include logging and reflecting on your health coaching sessions with clients. You will have access to regular opportunities to interact with peers and experienced health coaching supervisors to reflect on practice and ensure your success. All course participants receive a bespoke training and practice logbook and access to extensive online learning resources. Price per person £1650.00 plus VAT.

Action Learning Sets

Whatever programme you opt to start with, we will set you up in small groups with fellow participants, from day 1, to practice your coaching skills, share learning and develop as practitioners. There is an expectation that you will take time to meet in your groups, between the training days, with many groups continuing to work together and support each other well after the  course has finished. These will be your Action Learning Sets. Our intention for these groups, which has been confirmed from feedback, is that they provide a safe and confidential space for you to share your progress, successes and challenges and receive the support and insights from your colleagues. These groups seem particularly crucial at this time as people find themselves in, what are relatively new, roles to the NHS. We want to build a community of best practice and these smaller groups will be important building blocks in that vision.

The 4-Day Programme in Detail



Day 3 - Behaviour change

● Reflections on learning and coaching practice to date


● Introduce COM-B and idea of a behaviour change model to understand complexity


● Introduction to motivational interviewing techniques for thinking about/motivating behaviour change


● Develop techniques for working with ambivalence, resistance to change


● Practice approaches for increasing intrinsic motivation and moving between activation levels


● Practice coaching approaches and skills

Day 4 - Bringing it together

● Working with and challenging limiting assumptions - theory and practice


● Be able to apply health coaching approaches with confidence, in a wide range of situations, on a consistent basis


● Understand and participate in peer supervision to support further coaching practice in a work context


● Be able to provide reports on coaching services by considering appropriate indicators of success


● Know how to establish and develop a community of practice for workplace supervision


● Practice coaching approaches and skills

4-Day Tailored Health Coaching Course - what more?

Before the face-to-face or virtual sessions, participants will be provided with additional resources to facilitate their thinking. They will be encouraged to actively participate in Action Learning Sets with their course colleagues to practice coaching and reflect on their learning. As with coaching, much of the thinking and further development goes on in between sessions, so we will create the right environment for that to happen.


The cost of our engaging and innovative, PCI-accredited Tailored Health Coaching Courses is in-line with other providers. The per person cost will vary, depending on whether you are purchasing an individual place, a full course for your team, or series of courses for your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Bespoke health coaching workshops

If you already have experience and skill sets to build on, or prefer a more tailor made approach, Peak Health Coaching can offer you a range of established and bespoke programmes of education. Please get in touch to start a conversation about what you need to develop and realise your potential.

Day 1 - Introduction to Coaching

● Establish a safe and confidential learning environment where people can think brilliantly for themselves and their organisations


● Understand how a coaching mindset and practice underpins person-centred approaches


● Learn and use advanced communication skills to quickly build rapport and willingness to engage


● Know how to structure conversations using a coaching approach


● Practice using a coaching model in a safe and supportive environment


● Consider how to contract and where to start using your coaching skills

Day 2 - Coaching and Activation

● Understand the concept of Patient Activation (PA) and how it can inform a tailored health coaching approach


● Appreciate at a deeper level how people at different levels of activation might be thinking, feeling and behaving


● Be able to utilise appropriate coaching techniques at a variety of levels of Patient Activation


● Understand goal-setting is not appropriate at all levels of activation and know how to work constructively with resistance in a non-judgmental way


● Practice tailoring coaching to Activation

Team at the table

“As a Nutritional Therapist Life Coach, I have been on many courses and consider this has been one of the most enjoyable and useful. All 4 of the presenters had personal knowledge of working in the medical profession, which gave greater authenticity to their presentation and the content of the course."

If you are looking to book a 4-day PCI training course, then Peak Health Coaching Ltd in Sheffield is the ideal course provider. If you want to find out more about our next courses or schedule a no obligation consultation about health coaching, please get in touch.

0114 291 9137

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