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On line training

Training for the Health, Social and Community Care Colleagues.

Peak Health Coaching provides high quality, PCI-accredited education and training, on-line and in person, across the UK.

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Education & training

Peak Health Coaching provides high-quality education and training and ongoing support for the health, social and community care sector. Based in Sheffield, we train locally and nationally. We encourage people to discover new ways to enable others to thrive through new types of conversation, different ways to set up interactions and systems, and new ways to measure and value success.

Our team is experienced in working with individuals, organisations and larger health and social care systems to develop excellence in person-centred care. By enhancing the skills, knowledge, and confidence of practitioners we enable them to develop self-management skills among their patients and clients and apply a tailored approach, to health and social care delivery.

Role specific training

Role Specific Training

Can't find your role listed?

If you are working in the health, social, or community care sectors and wanting training in personalised care, then we will have a course relevant to your role.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific learning needs

Wondering how it all fits together?

Take some time to consider how the concept of activation, health coaching and the new ARRS roles fit together, to create a coherent and effective, person-centred approach.

Student and Tutor

Interested in health and social care education and training? 

Get in touch with the team at Peak Health Coaching Ltd in Sheffield for more information, or to schedule a no obligation consultation.

0114 291 9137

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