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Continued Professional Development

Peak Health Coaching provides continued professional development training to support you well beyond your initial training with us or others.

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Continued Professional Development
(beyond accredited programmes)

I've completed the 4-day programme - what next?

At Peak Health Coaching, we are committed to not only providing a great initial training experience, but also to support and encourage you to continue to do your best work. We agree with the authors of the workforce development framework for health and wellbeing coaches that Continued Professional Development (CPD) “can be achieved in different ways including training, events, online learning, peer support, mentoring and action learning sets. It is important at all levels of practice.” Having completed the PCI-accredited 4-day training with us or another provider, we would therefore like to invite you to sign up to some engaging and impactful additional learning opportunities. These take account of the need for you to support each other and develop a community of better practice as well as addressing some of the most common and challenging areas we know exist, in primary and community care.


Certification to Level 2 and 3 of the PCI curriculum

If you have not already taken advantage of the programme plus option (see separate page) and have completed the 4-day programme and Level 1 assessment, this could be the natural next step. You will receive a further 12 months of ongoing support to enable you to complete your practice requirements for summative assessment and certification. This will include logging and reflecting on your health coaching sessions with clients. You will have access to regular opportunities to interact with peers and experienced health coaching supervisors to reflect on practice and ensure your success. All course participants receive a bespoke training and practice logbook and access to extensive online learning resources.

Accreditation to PCI Level 2 and 3

Action Learning Sets & Peer Support Groups

Action Learning Sets (ALS) specifically

Action learning sets are a group based (hence ‘sets’), structured process of self-managed learning (development and support) resulting in action. Reg Revans (1907 – 2003) the grandfather of ALS, said that they were essentially “Comrades in adversity helping each other”, which we think sums it up nicely and perhaps underpins why they may be so helpful in supporting colleagues today in the health, social and community care system.

Action learning Sets and Peer Support Training

Action Learning Set and Peer Support Training

(1 Full-Day and ½ Day Follow up after 8 weeks)

Making the best use of everyone’s thinking is of paramount importance for us to solve the many issues we face in our everyday work. Action Learning sets are the ideal environment to share our experience and learn from the wisdom and experience of our colleagues. Facilitated well, these sessions also provide a safe and confidential space for participants to receive support and encouragement from their peers.

Learning outcomes

On this training programme, participants will learn how to:


● Create an environment that supports everyone to think at their very best


● Form the question that they most need to answer to support their practice and clients


● Appreciate the value of independent thinking


● Facilitate and participate in, an ALS for the benefit of themselves and their colleagues


● Contract for a safe and confidential space for colleagues to share their experience.


● Facilitate an ALS session in person, or in the virtual environment

Who should come?

This programme is suitable for anyone who has completed  PCI accredited training relevant to their role, with us or another accredited provider and wants to participate in and/or facilitate peer group support or Action Learning Sets with their colleagues.

The programme would also be a useful starting point for those wanting to progress towards supervisor training.


INVESTMENT: £300 plus VAT per person

Coaching in Pain Management

Coaching in Pain Management for Coaches, Link Workers and Care Co-ordinators

In addition to the highly regarded pain programme for teams (see separate page), we have developed a programme specifically for those in ARRS roles. This is facilitated in 2 x half days, to allow for experience and development in between. Peak Health Directors, Tim, and Ollie, both started their coaching journey, working with people with persistent pain. After promoting this approach in pain management over decades in general practice and having kept up with the latest developments, we are delighted to be able to share, from what we know works well. This programme includes front-line, authentic experience in time-limited conversations and provides a space conducive to learning from each other.

We are delighted to be able to include people with lived experience of pain as part of our training team.  They will share their self-management journeys and ensure the learning is practical and effective.

Pain Management for HWBC's
Working 1:1 and in Groups in Pain Management

Although many coaches will work 1:1 with clients, this programme translates to working with groups that include educational, peer support and coaching elements.


Participants in our accredited 4-day programme, will have already considered group working and the learning from this programme, will consider how this applies in pain management.

Learning Outcomes for Session 1

● Appreciate that pain is common and the challenges it poses


● Understand the crucial role people with pain take in managing their long-term condition


● Understand what persistent pain is and how to explain it


● Learn some pain management 'top tips' for a constructive approach


● Appreciate the limitations of medications and how to communicate that well


● Appreciate that everything matters when it comes to pain (diet, movement, sleep and mood and stress)

Learning Outcomes for Session 2

● How HWBCs can best support patients with persistent pain, when everything matters (diet, movement, sleep, mood and stress)


● Appreciate the impact of past trauma to inform practice


● Goal setting tailored to activation (confidence, knowledge and skills)


● Supporting clients to manage flare ups and setbacks


● Care and support planning with patients living with pain


● Reflection on learning and next steps

Please get in touch for the latest course availability as this changes daily

INVESTMENT: £250 plus VAT per person

Students in Computer Class

"An immersive, interactive and in-depth course for health care professionals wanting to develop their knowledge around supporting patients with their self-management of chronic and ongoing pain. On this course there was space and time for learning, sharing and practising skill sets to equip each individual with more tools in their coaching toolkit as well as valuable resources for further learning."

CPD days coming soon

Coaching for Metabolic Health

Health coaching is being used across a range of metabolic conditions - like obesity, pre diabetes, hypertension, and Type 2 Diabetes. This full-day training session will increase confidence in how 1:1 or group health coaching approaches can be used to reverse these conditions and get people off medications.

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If you are interested in any of our continued professional development training, then register online or for help contact the team at Peak Health Coaching in Sheffield today.

0114 291 9137

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