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Book 2-day PCI-Accredited
Care Co-ordinator training

Peak Health Coaching provides a PCI Accredited 2-day Programme for Care Coordinators - sign up today.

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Setting up Care Co-ordinators for Success and Impact

Our team of GPs and educational specialists have worked with frontline care co-ordinators to design an introductory course, to help build confidence for those developing their role as care co-ordinators. We use our experience of leading PCNs and personalised care training to offer the most relevant learning to fit the current NHS context.


This course covers the core competencies in the new NHSE development framework for care coordinators, as well as appreciating the different ways that the role is being used across the country. We set up an approach, skills and mindset we think people need to flourish in their role and have impact in the NHS.


We will introduce coaching and communication skills, setting the foundations for further in-depth health coaching training. This course aligns well with other training we offer around health coaching.

Objectives of the Programme and what to expect

Participants in this programme will feel confident, from day 1, to start practising coaching skills as they apply to the key competencies of Personalised Care, Relationships, Communication and Continuous Learning. After day 2, they will be skilled to work well as part of the multi-professional team, which has the patient at the centre.


We believe in the power of peer support. There will be ample opportunity for participants to share their own experience of what is working well to support and build a community of best practice.

The 2-Day Care Coordinator Programme Overview


The role of 'Care Coordinator' has been used in many ways since its introduction, with many starting their roles in the COVID pandemic. The NHSE Care Coordinator development framework has more clearly defined the role and identified specific competencies for practitioners in these key positions in patient care. Our PCI accredited 2-day programme, has been designed specifically to meet these new expectations and set our colleagues up for success.


Who is suitable for this programme?

This 2-day programme has been designed for care co-ordinators and would be ideal for those starting out in this role. It would also be useful for those care-coordinators who have already undertaken our 2-day Tailored Health Coaching programme and would like some valuable CPD, that is more specific to their role.

Day 1 Learning (09.30-16.30)

● Establish thinking environment and coaching mindset as core features of all 4 core competencies


● Gain confidence in techniques for connecting and communicating well


● Appreciate how to maximise impact by tailoring support to people’s skills knowledge and confidence, and what matter most to them


● Develop an understanding of multi-morbidity and complex health and social situations and the value of care co-ordination

Day 2 Learning (09.30-16.30)

● Build understanding of a range of roles in health care and how to work as effective teams


● Focus specifically on personalised care roles, aims and impactful collaboration


● Maintaining high quality communication with patients and colleagues


● Introduce the personalised care and support plan, and how to support people in developing one


● Continuous learning and creating and enjoying a job you love


The cost for the 2-day programme, delivered via Zoom and including all learning materials and experienced trainers with clinical and coaching experience is £440 plus VAT.


We can offer a 10% discount for 12-23 places booked and 20% discount for 24+ places.

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Book your Care coordinator training with Peak Health Coaching in Sheffield today. If you have any questions, our friendly team is always happy to help, just get in touch with us.

0114 291 9137

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