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Health Coaching Community

You can find our about forthcoming events on the health coaching community page, which Peak Health Coaching will keep updated.

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The NHS needs you

"To engage, encourage and challenge people to act with a coaching mindset, to provide person and community centred support, that creates the right environment for everyone to thrive, not just survive." In short, we want to create a coaching culture in the NHS.


We recognise that we can't do this alone, so please join in, with whatever feels the right contribution for you. Also, if you notice something that is missing, and you'd like our support - please let us know.


Building a Health Coaching Community

ALS groups

One of the reasons we link participants up with an Action Learning Set (ALS), when they join our PCI accredited 2-day and 4-day Health Coaching programmes, is that we want them to be supported in their role. These peer groups are a great opportunity to learn and develop and share ideas of what is working in your area. The feedback from these groups, many of which are meeting well after their programme has finished, is that they are a great source of mutual support and learning.


Educational Support Sessions

For those progressing with us to assessment at level 2 and 3 and the PCI curriculum, we include educational support sessions, which you are welcome to sign up for. Again, as well as the learning and sharing, these are great spaces to network with other colleagues. We are planning some additional CPD sessions through the year, which will be free to attend, and we will post details here, shortly.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Day 2 & 3

The General Practice Podcast

On this week's General Practice Podcast, Ben Gowland is joined by Dr Ollie Hart. Ollie has been a GP for over 20 years and is a clinical director of Heeley Plus PCN. Alongside this, Ollie is one of Peak Health Coaching Directors. During the podcast Ben and Ollie discuss how health coaching could help practices and PCNs improve health outcomes. In addition, Ollie talks about his interest in pain management and speaks more about how he got into the health coaching world. Ollie shares information about the upcoming national conference he is holding on May 16th, what attendees can expect and how you can purchase tickets to the conference.


Speaker at business workshop and presentation. Audience at the conference room

If you have any questions about the content on our health coaching community page, the experienced team at Peak Health Coaching is always on hand to help, just get in touch.

0114 291 9137

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