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A Coaching Approach to Pain Management for Teams

Peak Health Coaching offers a course in pain management for teams working in health, social and community care.

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Tailored Health Coaching- applied to Chronic Pain

At Peak Health Coaching we first learnt to use health coaching in our roles as GPs with special interest in pain management. We have over 10 years of collective experience working in the pain clinic, and much more supporting people living with pain, in primary care alongside health coaches. We learnt first-hand how important coaching approaches are to supporting people self-manage well, whilst living with chronic pain. People that understand and accept their condition and learn to take control, do best. This course brings all that experience to focus on how prescribing clinicians and health coaches can work in partnership to achieve great outcomes for people living with pain.

Objectives of the Programme and what to expect

Participants in this programme will learn how to apply a new approach to chronic pain management as a team. We offer a first half-day for all health, social and community care professionals, followed by a different follow-on half-day, depending on your main role. This enables everyone to maximise their skill set and impact, working in a coordinated and collaborative way. Our experience shows working in this way is both effective and satisfying for staff and patients. We help transform a distressing and debilitating condition into a journey of hope and recovery.

The Pain Programme for Teams - overview

We recognise the value of training colleagues from diverse backgrounds together, as well as understanding the need to pay attention to each professional's specific learning needs. We have therefore developed a programme that does all of this. From experience and feedback, we draw on what is essential for everyone to know in the first half-day session and then follow this up with a second half-day session, which is more role specific. Our programme includes time between the sessions, for colleagues to practice their skills, in the real-world settings, of their current context.

Session 1: Multi-Professional Half-Day
(Aimed at everyone)

● Understand how a coaching mindset and practice transforms chronic pain management


● Learn modern explanations of chronic pain, and how to help people accept it


● Appreciate the limitations of medication and the value of alternatives


● Develop confidence in engaging with patients and explaining new concepts

Session 2: Prescribers/
HCPs Half-Day

(Aimed at GPs, Physios, OTs, Pharmacists, ANPs, Nurses etc.)

● Deep dive into effective prescribing strategies- how to maximise benefits without overuse


● Focus on deprescribing well and promoting non-medication alternatives.


● Background understanding of tailored health coaching and how to make best use of the wider team

Session 2: Health Coaches Half-Day
(Aimed at Health Coaches, Link Workers and Care
 using coaching expertise)

● Gain confidence in how health coaches can support non-medication approaches to pain management (including a focus on diet, movement, stress/mood, and sleep)


● Practice tailoring support to different levels of patient activation


Next Available Dates...

Health Coaches and Non-Prescribers:

Session 1:   5th June

Session 2:   19th June

Both sessions: 09.30-12.30 via Zoom



Session 1:   5th June

Session 2:   18th June

Both sessions: 09.30-12.30 via Zoom


SPECIAL OFFER: 40% OFF for June cohorts!

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If you are interested in pain management for teams, you can book onto your course by signing up with Peak Health Coaching today. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

0114 291 9137

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