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System development for person-centred care training

Peak Health Coaching provides System Development for Person-Centred Care training. You can book your course online.

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Growing Person-Centred Systems

We appreciate that we rarely work alone. We are parts of teams, with processes and assets, opportunities, and challenges. These systems can either support or hinder our capability, as individuals or as a whole team together, to deliver what we and the people we work with, most value.


Our experience of working as GP and education leaders, and from many years supporting the NHS system, has taught us that health systems vary in this respect. Some systems can significantly hinder person-centred care (PCC), often unintentionally. Others demonstrate features and approaches that ensure PCC flourishes.

Engage, Educate and Encourage

We engage, educate, and encourage health care systems to work better to support person centred care. Through our coaching approach, we raise awareness of the current situation in any system and support the teams to consider the best options for them. This approach maps onto the concept of patient and practitioner activation (see below).


We have significant experience of leading and facilitating both large and small scale system change, including the whole city, GP federation, hospital departments and primary care teams.

Levels of System Activation

We will work with you to assess the current Activation of your system. Just like Patient Activation, we describe System Activation in 4 levels (see below). Understanding your starting point will inform our coaching approach to increase activation.

Level 1 -
Not Yet Engaged


Culture, processes, and practices do not support PCC and can often block it.



Bespoke workshops to engage and consider possible advantages and barriers to change. Listen and learn to raise awareness.

Level 3 -


Applying PCC practices and processes. Some are working, some are not.



Review and build on experiences, develop skills, knowledge and confidence where needed.

Level 2 -


Majority of the team up for adopting PCC approaches, but little current practice.



Co-design and deliver initial education for different parts of the system. Early manageable steps

Level 4 -


Clear evidence of successfully delivering person centred practice. All say ‘ it's the way we do things around here’.



Support to network and share, connect and celebrate. Ensure PCC approach is self-sustaining.

A Coaching Approach to Quality Improvement (QI)

Coaching principles together with QI methodology produce a formidable force for change when looking at your current systems and new ways of working. We know that many people will be energised by the concept and practice of health coaching and other person-centred approaches yet will find themselves trying to sustain these new ways of being, in systems that have not caught up.


The Coaching Approaches in QI course consists of nine units of supported independent learning including guidance for your own quality improvement initiative and associated activities. We provide a learning log which aims to support your learning and should be used in conjunction with the online learning materials you will be directed to, as you move through the course. You will be learning using a combination of online video materials, individual reflection, including completing exercises in the learning log, and by undertaking team exercises and QI initiative with your work colleagues.


Although you could undertake this learning activity alone, we know that QI is a team activity and signing up with a group to go through the process will be transformative. The principles you will learn will go far beyond your initial QI project, to impact how you work together as a collaborative, supportive and effective team.


To find out more please get in touch, so we can set your team up for success.

Coaching Approach to QI
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If you are interested in system development for Person-centred care training, book your place on a course online or for further assistance contact the experienced team at Peak Health Coaching in Sheffield.

0114 291 9137

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