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Tailored Health Coaching Level 1 Assessment

We have provided comprehensive training resources for your level 1 assessment. If you need any help, contact Peak Health Coaching in Sheffield.

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Tailored Health Coaching Level 1 Assessment


This page has been provided for you (and other colleagues on the development programme only), to access resources that are essential for you to complete the Level 1 Assessment.


You have around 4 weeks from the last day of your training (end of Module 2 or the end of ‘Day 4’) to submit your portfolio for Level 1 Assessment and your specific deadline will be included in your course information. You need to submit a portfolio of evidence of your knowledge and understanding of foundational health coaching concepts and techniques taught during the 4-day course/modules 1 & 2.


Quick links to sections:

Assessment Video for Level 1

Portfolio Elements for Level 1

Submitting your Portfolio

NHSE Tier 1 Health Coach Recognition

Additional Support


Assessment Video for Level 1

Please view the Assessment Video for Level 1 below which covers all the essential information you need regarding the assessment process and requirements.

level 1

Tailored Health Coaching Level 1 Assessment

Your portfolio of evidence for Level 1 must include:

● Coaching Reflection Sheets x 3

● Peer Feedback Sheets x 3

● Written Assessment x 1

Below is a brief synopsis of what is involved in the Level 1 assessment with a guide to the various resources you need to access to complete each part. You will find all the necessary paperwork to support the different elements for your portfolio work below. Your portfolio must include:

Portfolio Element

Coaching Reflection Sheets


You need to submit 3 coaching reflection sheets which have been completed either following coaching your peers in your ALS or following coaching sessions with clients either in a paid or voluntary role. Aim to have at least one reflection sheet from after the end of your training as this allows you to apply and reflect on the full range of coaching skills you have learned. Make sure you fully complete each section of the reflection sheet.


Coaching reflection

Click above to download

Portfolio Element

Peer Feedback Sheets


You need to submit 3 peer feedback sheets that have been completed by your peers following their observation of your coaching. Only peers who have completed our 4-day/Module 1 & 2 training are eligible to be observers for this assessment. Please ensure your observers fully complete the peer feedback sheets and that they pass them to you for submission with your portfolio. Aim to have at least one reflection sheet from after the end of your training as this allows your peers to observe and feedback across the full range of coaching skills you have learned.


Coaching feedback

Click above to download

Portfolio Element

Written Assessment


After completing your training, you will receive a follow-up email which includes a short written assessment task for you to complete. You should complete and submit the proforma. You may discuss your responses with your peers (e.g., at work or in your ALS) but please ensure your final responses are your own to maximise the learning opportunity.


Emailed directly to participants on completion of the programme. Please email if required.


Submitting your Portfolio

We are looking forward to receiving your assessment portfolio for Level 1 Health Coaching accreditation by your cohort's deadline.


To submit your portfolio please

Email the submission to no later than the deadline for your cohort (this will be emailed to you on completion of the course)

Use the subject line ‘4-Day THC Assessment Level 1 Cohort 23*’ in all emails. *Please ensure you clearly indicate your cohort.


Please attach your assessment portfolio files in the following order:

● Written assessment - please feel free to refer to your learning materials (workbooks and online resources) to support your completion of this document

● 3 x coaching reflection sheets (completed by you and numbered 1,2,3)

● 3 x peer reflection sheets (completed by your coaching peers and numbered 1,2,3)


Please note that anonymised assessment submissions may be used for training and evaluation purposes. If you do not wish your submission to be used in this way, please tell us in your email when you make your submission.


For those signed up for Levels 2 and 3 please follow the attached link to access the additional requirements


If you are not signed up for Level 2/3 but wish to proceed to these levels then please can you let us know at no later than the Level 1 submission deadline and earlier if possible. Please note that there is an additional fee of £500 plus VAT.


On submission of your assessment, you will be asked to complete a request to complete a training evaluation form. It is important for the ongoing development of this programme to receive feedback from participants. We really appreciate all the time and effort that participants put into attending our courses and the investment made personally and by your organisations. We want to continually improve what we offer (and to know what we are doing well!) so please do take a few minutes to complete the evaluation when you receive it.



NHSE Tier 1 Health Coach Recognition

For candidates who have completed a PCI-accredited 4-day HWBC training course and Level 1 Assessment.


In February 2023, NHSE launched the Workforce development framework: health and wellbeing coaches. This document sets out the new framework for the professional development of HWBC and those regularly using health coaching in their work. The new framework is ‘aligned to the Core Curriculum for Personalised Care published by the PCI, which acts as the foundation framework for both personalised care and specific personalised care roles in primary care’ (HWBC workforce framework).


Tier 1 practitioners, in their first six to 12 months of practice, may be new to health and wellbeing coaching, and potentially the health and care system, this is the foundation stage for health and wellbeing coaches, and they will be developing their skills and competencies.


To achieve Tier 1 you need to:

● Complete a PCI-accredited 4-day training course for HWBC

● Minimum 50 hours supervised coaching experience within the NHS (logged) - proforma available here


Any candidate who has already successfully completed PCI Level 1 assessment is eligible to apply for Tier 1 sign off on completion and submission of a log of a minimum of 50 hours coaching in an appropriate health and social care setting (normally this will be within the NHS).


Further specific details of how to apply are provided on this separate information sheet.


You can also find a summary coaching log here.


Please note that any candidate who has already successfully completed Level 2 Assessment (or above) with PHC is immediately eligible to apply for recognition as a Tier 1 HWBC as they have submitted their 50-hour coaching log and have completed the 4-day HWBC PCI-accredited training programme. For these candidates, please see our information sheet for Level 2 and 3 candidates.



Additional Support

Please make good use of your ALS group for coaching practice, feedback, and support for the assessment and beyond it. Please also revisit your notes from the course and access the full resources page of the 4-day Tailored Health Coaching Development Course when compiling your portfolio for Level 1 (click on button below).

Should you need any additional support please contact our support team at


Those progressing to Level 2/3 accreditation (additional fee applies) will need to provide further evidence of their competencies. The additional requirements are outlined in your workbooks and full instructions for those already registered can be found by following the links below. If you require login details to access these pages, please contact


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If you have any questions about our tailored health coaching level 1 assessment, get in touch with the team at Peak Health Coaching in Sheffield.

0114 291 9137

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